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Who we are

The Max Tire Centre Ltd. was started by Max Bulycz in January 1987 as a family business, with his wife and son.  Two years later the staff grew to 6 to meet the rapidly increasing customer base, which was mainly due to Max being one of the most enthusiastic and energetic retailers of passenger tires and related services in the industry.
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From his humble beginnings in the tire industry, Max channeled his seemingly endless energies into three areas of development that served everyone well and had an everlasting effect:

  • An uncanningly ability to pre-order the right quantities from tire inventories, which were an enormous advantage when facing the "winter rush" demand for supplying and installing hundreds of tires per day (in a 10-bay service area at one company)
  • An insatiable propensity to provide an incomparable level of service to each client, regardless of the number of tires and amount of services needed
  • A seemingly endless display of good humour and class with every client over a period of more than three decades, resulting in a loyal customer based that spanned several generations in all segments and communities throughout the lower mainland

Today, Brad Bulycz, Max' son, continues to operate The Max Tire Centre with the same management style, maintaining the traditional values and dedication to customer satisfaction that his father held so dearly for so many years.

"Through trust & honesty,
      there is always a return customer."

- per Max Bulycz

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