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Who we are - Why us? - Press in 1998-Feb-22

Quality Service and integrity
Max's formula for success

[Marpole - West Side REVUE, Feb. 22, 1998, Vol. 7, No. 4, front page]

There's lots of scamming going on in the automotive industry.  Frequently, investigative news shows take their "ghost car" in to randomly selected repair shops to see:

  1. If the mechanic on duty is qualified enough to diagnose the problem,
  2. If he's honest enough to give an accurate quote and not pad it with unnecessary work.

At Max Tire Centre, 1006 South West Marine Drive at Oak [Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6P 5Z3], they've been "put on the spot" not once, but twice.  Both times they've come away with nothing but praise by the investigative reporter (and a ton of good publicity).

At Max Tire Centre, knowledgeable staff and quality workmanship are second only to honesty and integrity.  You couldn't stay in this business as long as Max Bulycz has without satisfied customers and that's what brings them back.  After 27 years in the same location he's now serving the third generation of families.

"We are known for our free and accurate estimates and the fact that we never try to oversell a customer."

For 17 years Max managed the Crown Tire store at that location, then the site stood vacant for two [years] before he re-opened at The Max Tire Centre under the OK Tire and Auto Service banner.  This month he is celebrating his eleventh anniversary.

A truly family business, Max, with over 30 years experience, is backed up by his son Brad, with 19 years to his credit.  Max's wife, Elley, manages the computerized office.  In addition they have two licensed mechanics, two apprentices and two tire fitters on staff.

The store handles all major brands of new tires in all price categories, plus a large stock of affordable quality used tires.  Their service department handles everything from oil changes and tune-ups to major repairs including brakes, shocks, alignments and exhaust systems.  Continual upgrading in the latest automotive technology by staff and management alike make them qualified to service and repair even the most sophisticated components now on most new vehicles.  Computer diagnosis of fuel injection systems and ABS brakes is routinely carried out by Max's technicians.

The Max Tire Centre is truly a one-stop automotive service shop.  Their prices are extremely competitive, their experience deep and comprehensive and their integrity beyond repute.  For a service appointment or a no-obligation free brake and safety inspection, call (604) 261-6304.

Licensed mechanics:  ON DUTY
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